Our latest competition is the Christmas 2021 Competition at COMMAND STUDIOS.
Competition Terms And Conditions

* The COMMAND STUDIOS Christmas 2021 Competition commences at 11am on the 6-11-2020 and ends at 5pm on the 24-12-2021 (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

* The Promoter of the competition is COMMAND STUDIOS PTY LTD, ACN 642261309.

* The competition is won by chance and all entries will have an equal chance of winning.

* The prize includes a shopping tote, a notebook, a fridge magnet, and a pen. If the winner is from overseas (not Australia) or there is disruption or possible disruption to postal services (either overseas or in Australia), then a substitute prize may be given due to some countries have suspended postal services or made postal services very difficult to obtain with any assurance. (If there is any doubt as to the reliability of the postal service then a different prize may be substituted.)

* All valid entries must be a single individual human (not a pet, not a bot, and not a company) and no multiple entries are permitted).

* All valid entries must be provided by the person (i.e. you can not enter for someone else).

* All valid entries must be 18 years old or over.

* All valid entries must be COMMAND STUDIOS Club members.

* All valid entries must not be COMMAND STUDIOS employees or the director.

* All valid entries must have provided correct and up-to-date name, address, email, and any other contact details necessary to contact the winner.

* All valid entries must be within the time frame of the original running of the competition unless the competition is cancelled or postponed.

* All valid entries must not contain obscene, threatening, hateful or pornographic messages or inferences in them.

* All entries must be lawful.

* All entries must be accepting that the promoter is COMMAND STUDIOS PTY LTD and that there are resulting effects.  For example, the user agreement and privacy policy of the COMMAND STUDIOS website and the use of their details must be agreed to by all entrants. This includes that emails will be sent including promotional emails to any entrants to the competition because all entries are automatically members of the website and no-one can enter unless they are a member of COMMAND STUDIOS Club.  This also includes that COMMAND STUDIOS sends emails or other communication to the Club member (and therefore entrants of the competition) which is religious in nature (that being of Christianity) as COMMAND STUDIOS is a Christian company.

* All entries become the property of COMMAND STUDIOS.

* The winner's name may be announced and displayed and promoted and distributed on the COMMAND STUDIOS website and on social media including Facebook and Instagram.

* The winner will be drawn at 5:15pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

* The winners will be notified by the email that they have used to become a member of COMMAND STUDIOS.

* After the winner is notified by email, a response will be necessary from the winner to acknowledge they are a real person.

* The promoter has no responsibility to give the designed merchandise shown (ie. the designs shown in the picture may be changed if those designs become unavailable or damaged and new designs may be chosen to give the winner).

* Phone numbers may also be used for communication purposes (or instead of email) regarding the competition (for any reason, including if problems arise for contacting the winner). The winner must provide both an email and a phone number on which they can be contacted however they may be contacted via email only.

* A valid winner must provide a correct and valid paypal account if the winner receives a cash prize which would be a substituted prize and then the money will be transferred to the winner via paypal. So a valid winner must provide their paypal email address if COMMAND STUDIOS decides that the winner should receive a cash prize instead of the physical merchandise. There is no substituted prize given (no cash or any other form of prize given) unless decided upon by COMMAND STUDIOS PTY LTD. A valid paypal account includes one that is able to receive money in the currency provided, as in, the winner must have their paypal account set up to be able to receive Australian dollars (if the substitution prize form of cash is utilized).

* If the winner is unable to or does not respond clearly within 2 weeks to communication attempts then the winner will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be chosen.

* If the prize of merchandise is sent it will be sent via surface or air mail within 3 weeks of the winner being announced if the winner is able to be contacted and responds effectively to communication. (The prize may be sent much earlier if the winner responds swiftly.) The sending time does not reflect the time that the prize will be delivered.

* If a replacement winner is to be chosen then a new time after the 07-01-2022 will be chosen to then choose a new winner.

* All valid entries must agree that in the event of COMMAND STUDIOS PTY LTD being unable to send the prize to the winner (due to act of God, war, terrorism, malicious attacks, customs importation laws, computer crashes, loss of contact to winner, loss of information or any similar situation, accidental destruction or loss of the prize including but not limited to being by COMMAND STUDIOS or being lost by a third party including postal services) that either:

1. a replacement prize may be found instead for the winner if the winner is able to be located and if the winner is able to respond within 2 weeks of the winner being chosen


2. that the competition may be cancelled or postponed.

* If the mailing service or customs laws require a fee of greater than $60 (that is sixty Australian dollars) for the prize to be sent then a new prize may be chosen (which may be a prize in digital form or may be in another form) or the promotion may be altered or cancelled (due to current social and economic world instability causing customs and delivery charges to be unable to be completely verified prior to sending).

* A replacement prize may be in the form of a digital download or digital streaming available or cash.

* A replacement prize may be of less value than the original prize.

* Any occurrence or form of unlawful action towards the competition or COMMAND STUDIOS or it's employees or the director may result in the competition being cancelled.

* If the competition is unable to run (at all or effectively) for any reason (without limitation) including computer bugs, hacking, technical issues, integrity issues, unauthorised activity issues, health issues, social or civil unrest issues, economic issues, lockdowns, travel issues, military issues, theft, death, ransom, malicious intent, or any other issue, then the promoter reserves the right to take any action necessary including the cancelling, or changing, or the postponement of the competition.

* If any winner is already announced (whether they have been sent the prize or not) and are found to have received the "winner" title in error (which may or may not include that the prize has already been sent) or they are discovered to have acted in an unlawful manner or against the rules of the competition, then all entrants will not hold any legal matter against the promoter regarding this matter. COMMAND STUDIOS may then postpone or cancel the competition or change the competition in some manner.

* The promoter is not responsible for any issues or problems with telephone lines or reception, or computer functioning, or the working of any website.

* The promoter is not responsible for any injury or damage or effect on a person's mental health, a person's stress levels, or a person's well-being, or a person's financial situation, or social repercussions related to this competition or promotion of this competition, or because of being an entrant or winner, or because of being unable to be an entrant or winner, or because of being associated with the competition or COMMAND STUDIOS.

* The Promoter will not be liable for any loss, injury, or damage at all which occurs (directly or indirectly) as a consequence of the use and enjoyment of the prize, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.

* The promoter is not responsible for any delays or inability of mailing or delivery of the prize by mailing service providers or by websites or technical issues related to the delivery of a prize (or any thing that inhibits the delivery of the prize).

* The promoter is not responsible for customs and individual countries’ laws.

* The promoter wishes you to have a blessed Christmas. Please enjoy Christmas even if you don't win this competition.