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A Christian mystery series for the young at heart available now!

Are Kitty Rain books suitable for children?

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Kitty Rain books are for young adults to adults. Since some of the books contain mature themes it is recommended that the books be under parental supervision and no guarantee is made than any particular book is suitable for any particular child. Keep in mind that the character Kitty Rain is an 18-year-old girl and so there are topics that come up for this age range. The general audience would be for young adult to adult but each parent should judge the maturity level of their child.


A quote from Ohroara: "My 13-year-old daughter read the Kitty Rain books and when mature topics were involved I spoke to her about what God would want in the various situations. I want my children prepared for what they may face and to be ready to resist temptation and have a firm knowledge of what is sin and what isn't."


Also remember that the predominant theme is still that of Kitty as an investigator and she has puzzles to solve, but she learns along the way...


The characters in the stories develop as they encounter trials and go through life. It is recommended to read the stories in order due to the continuing storyline and the development of the characters. The impact of certain events is better understood when the books are read in order.

The themes and mature themes that are in the Kitty Rain series include:

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit

mysteries and investigations

homeschooling versus other schooling

family and friendship

love and hatred

marriage and divorce

dating and engagement

kissing, sex, and sexual activity

alcohol, drugs, and smoking


criminal activities

anger and revenge

life and death

church and fellowship

hypocrisy and steadfastness

failure and success

the need for Jesus



spiritual giftings

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Kitty Rain book blurb:

Kitty Rain is a God-believing mystery-seeker. Along with her younger sister Jane, her mother Penny, and the handsome Cade, life is full of surprises. When a new mystery unfurls, Kitty will do what she can to piece together all the clues. What is in store for her?

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