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"Kitty Rain 10: Lost Scavenger Hunt" is the tenth book in the Kitty Rain series by author Ohroara. Kitty's mum Penny has a surprise arranged but there's plenty of emotions flying and hullabaloo involved. Can Kitty work out what is going on and help someone in trouble? She needs to not just think of herself but what God wants her to do and how to think. This fun learning adventure is a must-read for mystery enthusiasts and those who want a Christian adventure book.
Kitty Rain is a God-believing mystery-seeker. Along with her younger sister Jane, her mother Penny, and the handsome Cade, life is full of surprises. When a new mystery unfurls, Kitty will do what she can to piece together all the clues. What is in store for her?

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Kitty Rain 10: Lost Scavenger Hunt [downloadable pdf licensed file]

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