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Kitty Rain 1: The Mystery of the Crying Moon

She ever-so-quietly opened the window an inch. Sob, sob, sob. Clear as day—the sound of crying. “That's it,” Kitty thought. “Someone's out there and I'm going to find out who.”

Kitty Rain 2: The Mystery of the Tall Fog

“Will you take the case?” Aunty Flo asked. “And where are you going to find a tall fog, ha ha?” Jane asked. Kitty felt the excitement of a new case rising in her.

Kitty Rain 3: The Opal Princess Puzzle

“Now, what have I told you so far?” he asked. “That it's a $5000 case and there is a prince involved,” Kitty told him and she put her hands up in a questioning manner. “That's it.” “Heh, ha-ha. That's not much info I guess...I need your help...”

Kitty Rain 4: The Mysterious Maths Thief

“Can I help? I want to help. Can I? Can I?” “I don't think so Jane,” Kitty said. “I have to find a maths thief.” There was silence. Kitty smiled and tilted her head. “What's a maths thief?” asked Jane.

Kitty Rain 5: The Frog Puddle Investigation

“Walk more quietly,” Kitty ordered. “You'll scare the frogs with your big boots.” “Sorry,” Cade said and he immediately started tiptoeing ungracefully. Kitty giggled...They stopped and listened to the night sounds. A faint croaking sounded nearby...

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