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Kitty Rain 1: The Mystery of the Crying Moon

Kitty Rain 1: The Mystery of the Crying Moon

~ Contents ~

{Front cover picture: Kitty and the moon}
{Map: Pelican Road Park}
Chapter 1: Kitty and Jane and the Moon
Chapter 2: The Letterboxes
{Picture 1: Letterbox lady}
Chapter 3: Penny is Pretty as a Picture
Chapter 4: Who is Crying?
Chapter 5: Buffalo Girl
{Picture 2: Buffalo girl}
Chapter 6: Quiet by Day, Crying by Night
Chapter 7: The Plan to Catch the Moon
Chapter 8: The Letterbox Lady
Chapter 9: The Possum in the Carport
Chapter 10: S. I. R. Begins
{Back cover picture: Kitty and the rain}

~ Chapter 1 ~
~ Kitty and Jane and the Moon ~

The boy groaned, his hand moving delicately across his stomach. He crinkled his nose at the bruises. He hung his head; light blonde hair masked his face. If only he wasn't alone, so alone...

A girl giggled somewhere. He looked around nervously. Was he alone?
In the dark night, a distance away, some curtains ruffled and eyes full of curiosity peeked out. Blue eyes: deep sea blue. Blonde hair: straight and dark blonde. Some long hairs flicked across her face like a string of dark sand.
She looked past the curtains and saw the white moon reflecting a light that reminded her of people reflecting the light of God. And she thought she heard God whisper to her that she was not alone and that he was not going to abandon her or leave her. After all, he was God and she was his child and how much more real was God (who she could feel so close to her) than the moon reflecting the light of the sun right now before her eyes.
“Kitty Rain West,” a harsh whisper sounded. “Are you going to sleep? I've got school in the morning you know.”
Kitty allowed the pink curtains to drop back and cover the moon and the stars.
“What are you doing?” the whisper continued.
“Just thinking,” she murmured.
“You're always thinking. You were looking at the moon again.”
“Maybe,” Kitty Rain answered, then added, “but you, my sister, should be asleep already if you've got school.”
“Well who can sleep with you poking around the room!” Her sister sounded exasperated.
“Jane, I wasn't poking about. I was looking at the moon.”
“Ha! I knew it!”
Kitty sighed and then recited her own newly-created poem.

“The white light trickles through the atmosphere,
The floating moon so far and yet near,
I want to touch its reflecting light,
And show to others the beautiful sight.”

“Kitty Rain you are such a romantic sometimes,” Jane told her sister.
“Really? I guess I am a bit,” she pondered.
“Just not in terms of boys.”
Kitty laughed a little.
“In fact,” Jane continued, “I don't ever remember you getting romantic over any boys. Instead you write a poem about the moon of all things!”
Kitty laughed louder (for she knew Jane was right) and her blue eyes sparkled merrily.
“The moon is more exciting,” she explained to her sister.
“No way!” exclaimed Jane crossly. She swept her brown hair off her face. “Boys are way better than moons or stars—especially Nathan Eastly.” She hugged herself dreamily.
“Oh no, don't start on Nathan,” Kitty scolded. “If you start on him you won't sleep all night. Go to sleep right now. Here! Keep your mind off boys and on the beautiful moon that God made. Look at it!” Kitty ordered. Kitty lifted the pink curtain. “God made it,” she said, pointing to the sky and the moon.
“God made boys too,” Jane reminded her.
“I know, I know. But look at the moon!”
The white light sparkled in the dark sky.
“It is pretty,” Jane admitted.
“Prettier than Nathan,” Kitty declared emphatically.
“Ha ha, boys aren't pretty! Boys are—”
“Handsome?” Kitty offered.
“No boys are―”
“Ugly?” Kitty offered.
“No boys are”
“Slimy?” Kitty offered.
“Ha ha ha ha. No boys are—”
“Hairy?” Jane looked shocked.
“Well some of them are,” Kitty advised her.
“Oh, um, no boys are—boys are boys,” Jane determined.
“Yes,” Kitty agreed. “There's not really another word in the whole universe to describe the complexity of males.”
“What? Too many words. I'm, ahhh, sleepy. Nighty-night Kitty.” Jane closed her blue eyes as tiredness overtook.
“Goodnight Jane, I love you my starry-eyed sister.”
“Yeah yeah, I love you Kitty Kit night.” Zzz...

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