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Kitty Rain 4: The Mysterious Maths Thief

Kitty Rain 4: The Mysterious Maths Thief

~ Contents ~

{Front cover picture: Jackgum East Primary School}
{Map: Jackgum and surroundings}
Chapter 1: I am a Grown-up
{Picture 1: Kitty confiscated the bunny}
Chapter 2: Do I Have to do Maths?
Chapter 3: Brian Shows Kitty Around
Chapter 4: An Appointment with Mrs Greynor
Chapter 5: The Pulled-out Drawers
Chapter 6: Big Girls Don't Cry
Chapter 7: Married with a Fluffy Bunny
Chapter 8: The Issue of Stealing
Chapter 9: The Green Stripe and the Tablecloth
{Picture 2: On top of the tablecloth}
Chapter 10: Lost and Found in the Office
Chapter 11: Pies, Tomatoes and Poems
Chapter 12: The Bunny's Eye
{Back cover picture: Kitty and the rain}

~ Chapter 1 ~
~ I am a Grown-up ~

Jane bounced onto her pink bedspread, joyfully hugged her pillow, grabbed her pink soft toy rabbit, and threw it in the air. Jane's shoulder-length hair flung about as she twisted and turned and bounced on the bed. Her sister, Kitty Rain West, watched her calmly.
“If it were possible for someone to frolic while sitting on a bed then I believe you have discovered how to do it,” Kitty told her sister.
“I can't wait, I can't wait,” Jane sang while still bouncing.
“Well, whatever it is,” Kitty told her, “I'm guessing that you'll have to. Bouncing on the bed will not make it come more quickly, I assure you.”
Kitty put her Bible at her bedside drawers and got under the covers.
“Whatever it is? Whatever it is?” Jane exclaimed stunned. “It's holidays in a week and a half! Only a week and a half! We are going to have so much fun at Lake Fairstone!”
“A week and a half, hey?”
“Yes,” Jane said happily.
“Well I guess that gives me time,” Kitty pondered.
“Time for what?” Jane asked.
“Time for Kitty's S.I.R. to have another case.”
S.I.R. stood for surveillance, investigation, and research. And it was Kitty's business where she got to solve mysteries and help locate missing people and even expensive, stolen artwork. She worked at an optometrist for a boss part-time and operated her own S.I.R. business as well part-time.
Kitty grabbed her hairbrush and brushed her long light-sandy-coloured locks. She liked to brush her hair in bed before she went to sleep.
The moon was out and up high in the sky and she was so glad she could see the moon from her bedroom window. The stars shone and she prayed to God for—
Fluffy bunny!
“Ouch!” Kitty moaned, removing the bunny from her chest. “Why did you throw your stuffed toy at me?”
“All you ever talk about is case this and case that, mystery this and mystery that, investigation this and investigation that,” Jane fumed.
“Perhaps that is because I am a grown-up,” Kitty said emphatically.
Jane frowned: Kitty always acted like she was better than her. “You're not better than me,” Jane told her.
“I know,” Kitty said in a softer voice. “But I'm still happy to be a grown-up.”
“And I'm happy to be a childish, immature, little baby,” Jane said sarcastically.
“I can tell you are,” Kitty said.
Jane was really angry now!
“Baby sister, I hereby confiscate your fluffy bunny,” Kitty stated.
Jane poked her tongue out. “Don't care,” she told Kitty and she rolled over and got under her covers. “I took your rag doll.”
“Hmmm. You have sufficiently shown me your childishness. Goodnight Jane,” Kitty said.
“Nighty-night bunny-snatcher,” Jane said, not turning around.
“Dear God,” Kitty thought. “Please help my sister. Help her to grow up. Help her to stop poking her tongue out and help her to stop being childish. Show her your love and help me to show her love too. Thank you for everything you give us and can you please give me another case before the holidays come—something easy that I can get done before the holidays. I don't want to miss out on holidays so it has to be a quick easy thing, okay.”
Kitty placed the soft stuffed rabbit near her pillow and was soon deep in sleep.

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