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Kitty Rain 6: Jane's Birthday Burglar

Kitty Rain 6: Jane's Birthday Burglar

~ Contents ~

{Front cover picture: Speed skater swirls}
{Map: The West house}
Chapter 1: Belle Can't Fly
Chapter 2: Penny's Hand
Chapter 3: Party Preparations
Chapter 4: Uncle and Aunty's Present
{Picture 1: Jane's cowgirl boots}
Chapter 5: Who Is Jane's Policeman?
Chapter 6: Usefulness Versus Love
Chapter 7: Talking to Maggie
Chapter 8: Talking to Matt's Dad and Karratz
Chapter 9: Way Cooler Than Pink
Chapter 10: The People Hunt
Chapter 11: Waving at the Window
{Picture 2: Alison spinning the bike wheel}
Chapter 12: Kitty and Jane Surprise Each Other
Chapter 13: I Will Grow More
{Back cover picture: Kitty and the rain}

~ Chapter 1 ~
~ Belle Can't Fly ~

“Ahhh!” Jane yelled. “Ah! Belle!”
Kitty Rain West was just at the back door and had been sent by her mother to fetch Jane for lunch. Kitty heard Jane's cries and ran as quickly as she could to find out what all the yelling was about. She ran past the iron bench seats, past some lilly pilly trees, and up to the mound with the rabbit garden ornament on it.
Suddenly at her left she spotted Jane.
And Kitty burst out laughing.
Behind the old chook shed (which was now used as a duck shed) Jane was sitting flat on her bottom against the shed. And right on top of Jane's head was a duck!
“Oh my goodness, I wish I had my camera!” Kitty laughed.
Jane shook her head and swung her arms up to try to grab the miniature white mallard off her head.
“Don't scare her,” Kitty instructed. “You don't want her to scratch you and you don't want her to fall. She can't fly remember.”
“I know that,” Jane said in an agitated manner. “That's why I've been teaching her.”
“What?” Kitty asked.
“You heard me,” Jane said forthrightly.
“Jane, you can't teach her. Belle is too small. She will never fly like the others. And anyway, it is much better she doesn't. You don't want her to fly away do you?”
“Of course not,” Jane said. “I just want her to lift off the ground a bit, like the others do when they flap across the yard.”
Jane held the duck in front of her and Belle beat her wings furiously and quacked to let the others know that she was in a state of panic being held by the fearsome Jane-creature. As soon as Jane put her on the ground, Belle waddled off swiftly to find her duck friends.
“And how exactly did Belle end up on your head?” Kitty asked, shaking her head in disbelief at the sheer ability Jane had to create a humorous conundrum out of almost any situation.
Jane pushed on the old food drum she had placed next to her and stood up. She began dragging the drum back inside the shed.
“I climbed up with my duck and put her on the roof,” Jane said, sticking her nose in the air.
“Wow!” Kitty said.
“Really? You think that it was good? Do you really?” Jane asked enthusiastically.
“No,” Kitty determined. “I'm just surprised you didn't end up with more scratches.”
Jane grunted her displeasure while Kitty laughed at her baby sister, still mucking around and playing with things. But instead of dolls (which she had grown out of) it was now ducks.
“Mum said lunch is ready. So clean yourself up and don't dawdle,” Kitty told Jane.
“Since when do I dawdle?” Jane asked.
“Since you got ducks,” Kitty told her. “I think you've been copying them,” she laughed.
“Don't you blame my ducks!” Jane yelled as Kitty began to walk off. “I can be slow without them!”
“Oh my,” Kitty said. “Yes fine Slowcoach. Come on. We are organising your party.”
That made Jane cheer up immediately. Plus, she suddenly found enough energy to run.
“Yay!” Jane called out happily as she overtook Kitty and bounded inside.
After a quick scan of the yard to check Jane's ducks were all okay, Kitty strolled in after her sister.

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