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"You Washed My Tears Away" by Ohroara

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The story behind the song:

"You Washed My Tears Away" by Ohroara

“This song began without the bridge section. I wrote the chorus right in the middle of some very hard circumstances. I wanted hope that I was going to be happy because at the time I actually couldn’t imagine ever smiling again let alone being fully happy. As I sang it I realised that I needed to identify the right one to wash away my tears (in other words to help me not to be sad). My circumstance changed as I turned my attention to God and I realised it was wisest to ask God to make me happy. So I added in the bridge and some other stuff and here you are. As I sang this song with the added stuff, I’ve learnt more about being happy in Christ Jesus. God has helped me to wash away my tears. He has also helped me to learn to be intimate with him (to tell him everything I want, need, and feel). By giving myself fully to him he has helped me to desire him with great passion and thus he does sustain me with his very purposeful and passionate love. :)” by Ohroara

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