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This is a zipped set of trilogy of Ohroara's Homeschool Series. This set contains:

The Homeschool Pony

The Homeschool Surfer

The Homeschool Riders


Mia wants a horse more than anything but she knows her parents will not like the idea. Besides, how could they ever afford it? As Mia learns that God wants her to love others more and be grateful, she finds out about things much more important than getting her own horse.


Disaster strikes Christina's family. She feels like life is unbearable. Can her homeschooling friends help? Mia, Sally, and Luke do their best to try but Christina needs God's help more than anything. And through a surfing adventure down Australia's coast she finds some answers as well as challenges...How can she surf when she's supposed to be a pony rider?


Mia is seventeen but still the baby of the family. She is impatient and has so many things she wants God to do for her, but mostly she continues to dream about horses. Her friends and family are so busy with life...but there are big surprises to come. Can she do the right things for God and for her family?


RRP $33 for the set or $11/book individually. As part of our Christian gospel giving we have put the book The Homeschool Pony as a free read. Please support OVKOR that we may spread the blessings of Jesus Christ. Remember your member coupon if available. *(Member coupon not guaranteed)


Also available are Homeschool Bible Puzzles and Games for free for members (a small snippet of our puzzle games).


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The Homeschool Pony/Surfer/Riders [downloadable zip of pdf licensed files]

  • Zipped folder downloadable containing PDFs of printable licensed* files.

    (*Copyright, printing, and other restrictions apply.)

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