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General public

To have access to awesome music, movies and merchandise and discounts, become a member of OVKOR.

To get the latest news, like when new movies, music, and books come out, join the mailing list. (We only email you for major announcements or when new songs, movies, or other entertainment is available.)

OVKOR mail:

You are on the mailing list :)

Film producers

Film producers, if you are interested in collaboration with OVKOR in a specific project please contact the Producer through LinkedIn or IMDbpro.

Link is below.

Cast & crew

Actors, actresses, crew, and film industry professionals please contact OVKOR through the phone number given for each specific project.

Wishing to be in one of OVKOR's music videos or films?  Please submit your details through the cast and crew jobs form.


General Enquiries


Industry professionals

Contact:  LinkedIn

Project communications

Contact: via sms/phonecall by the telephone number you were given

Contact:  IMDb

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