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Give to OVKOR here:

Thank-you for your support!

Details of where the money goes are on our FAQ page.  OVKOR produces film and entertainment for you and others.  Enjoy!

We have begun filming our first Christian movie! The working title is "The Girl at the Wall". This is a Christian drama.

Thank you for supporting us so that we can make good movies that both entertain and help people.

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OVKOR is a "for-profit" business which means that any donation is not tax-deductible. We cannot guarantee where exactly the money you give will go. OVKOR is a Christian film and entertainment company but that means it is run by Christians and it does not mean that all of our work and productions are for Christians alone. So some of our resources go towards just running the company and some of our resources go towards producing Christian entertainment and some of our resources go towards producing entertainment geared for non-Christians and also some of our resources goes towards giving.  Many years of work has gone into our current projects and we appreciate any monetary support. We hope that all are blessed.  If you choose to support us by donation then thank-you from the team at OVKOR!  God bless you.

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