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Christian books and entertainment


Buy music at the shop: Christian, alternative, pop, electronic rock, folk, lounge, dance, opera, acoustic, and more.

Ovkor buy Christian music


Play puzzles and memory games - select games from the games list. All current games are memory and puzzles. Galaxy space themed puzzles are the trickiest. Christian Homeschool Puzzles, Kitty Rain mystery puzzles, Lands of Camorlen fantasy puzzles. Read the books, then play the games. See our list.

OVKOR Christian games and puzzles online

Movies and books online:

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Christian books, mystery, fantasy

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Kitty Rain 1-3 ~online



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Christian mystery series

- books and puzzle games

- teens and adults

- solve the mysteries

Kitty Rain mystery series books set 1 to 5

Christian fantasy series

- books and puzzle games

- teens and adults

- fantasy adventure

Lands of Camorlen 1-2 ~online



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The Homeschool Pony

The Homeschool Surfer

- Christian drama books for teens/adults

- Ohroara's  Homeschool Series

- only at OVKOR


Homeschool Bible Puzzles & Games

- homeschooling themes

- for teens and their parents

- intro puzzles only at OVKOR


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Kitty Rain mystery series books set 1 to 5

New Christian mystery series -
Kitty Rain

OVKOR is a Christian film production and entertainment company.

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