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Movie Title
Movie Scene
Release Year
The Girl at the Wall
Ohroara, Yanika Rose, Nadia Raphaela
eta 2024
Christian drama
Tree Danger
Starring: tbe
Year of release
Christian drama
Mystery Girl
Starring: tbe
eta 2026
Christian mystery
The Night
Starring: tbe
Year of release
Comedy fantasy
Starring: tbe
Year of release
Christian sci-fi

Our first Christian movie with the working title of "The Girl at the Wall" is expected to be released in late 2024 or early 2025. Stay tuned. Support OVKOR by subscribing to our entertainment, telling your friends and family, and giving.

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OVKOR is a Christian film and entertainment company. We are currently working on several Christian movies and series. Your support helps! You can support us by:

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Movie list for mobile
The cast of Australian production in formal attire behind the scenes

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