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"Sun or Rain" by Ohroara

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The story behind the song:

"Sun or Rain" by Ohroara

“I first wrote the song “Sun or Rain” many years ago when I was at university. After a hard time, I wrote it and it started out as a love song where the woman is seeking love but she gets very hurt. Then over the years it has changed. I would get my guitar out and work on it from time to time. It changed into a dance song where a girl just wants to dance. It never felt quite right. I kept on trying to lean on other things—loving a man, loving fun etc. Finally I decided to give it all to God, and it became what it is now. As I have learnt to give everything to him (God) I've been able to appreciate and be very happy with life and that means loving God in everything and also asking him to help me in everything. God can and does get me through any rain. He provides me with everything I need: food, water, shelter. He will do the same for you.” Ohroara

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