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“Make Everything Right” by Ohroara

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The story behind the song:

“Make Everything Right” by Ohroara

"I wrote the song "Make Everything Right" a long time ago when I was a child. For years I kept it hidden as there were so many things wrong in my childhood that I really wanted to go away but I was powerless. I believed in God my whole life but didn't understand that he could make things better. Finally I began to realise that God was pretty awesome and could actually do things (and not just make the world which is pretty awesome in itself). I began to understand that through the word of God (thinking about it, speaking it out, believing in it) that God would change my life. It has been reworked numerous times to get it to this stage. The music was quite difficult as I changed the style of it several times (from rock to brassy band to pop). I wrote it to help myself and others remember that hope is only through God and Jesus and his word. Enjoy. :)" Ohroara

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