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Our first movie

Working title:  "The Girl at the Wall"

OVKOR first movie Christian drama Australian film

Filming has begun for our first movie called "The Girl at the Wall" as its working title (final title to be established upon release). This production is mostly live action with some animation and the actor and actress positions have all been filled. We are excited to be a part of spreading the gospel message through this real-life drama. Click here to support us through donations.

Series coming

Astronaut on Alien Planet

Working title:  "Beyond"

Current script writing for a Christian sci-fi  drama/action series.  Production commencement eta November 2026.

Screenplay coming
Christian drama love film production

Completion date estimated for 2023

Current script writing for a Christian drama .

Christian pop music production Australia

Music released 2020

Music & Videos Copyright 2018-2020

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