In general schedule time is set to Australian Eastern Standard time.

Some delays are caused by US Copyright office delays.

Release dates and event dates can change at any time and for any reason.

Please bear with us as we transition our products and services to our new company name. We will be rereleasing some products with our new logo and new products coming soon.

Next releases / events:

Christian mystery book series - Kitty Rain books 1-5

22 Sep 2022

The first five books in the new Christian mystery series by Ohroara.

Kitty Rain 1: The Mystery of the Crying Moon - preview for members

14 Sep 2022

The first book in the new Christian mystery series for young adults and adults by Ohroara.

Various music singles

2021 - 2022

Music videos and music including pop and Christian songs are scheduled to be released in 2022 on youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin and of course right here on the website at OVKOR.COM


COMMAND STUDIOS Logo Videos and Pics 2020

24 March 2020

Our 2020 release of two different logo videos as well as several pictures of our spacecraft with 2D artwork and our new logo theme music.

COMMAND STUDIOS Channel Intro Youtube

24 March 2020

The opening of COMMAND STUDIOS youtube channel.

Featured artist:

Saturday Cora Joy by Ohroara

 Oct 2020

A love song with vocals only.  In the fashion of unplugged but the atmosphere of chapel music, enjoy the  vibrant soprano and soothing low notes of Ohroara.

No Kiss on My Lips by Ohroara

Sep 2020

A Christian pop and love song released on the COMMAND STUDIOS channel.

Mes lèvres sans bisous by Ohroara

Sep 2020

This French pop song has been released on the COMMAND STUDIOS channel on Youtube.