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Christian Homeschool
Puzzles & Games

Books, games, puzzles to play!
Test your skill and memory.

free puzzles

Homeschool Bible Puzzles Games ~desktop



Valid for one month

~ Desktop only ~

7 intro puzzles

[Christian homeschool & Bible themes]

Free puzzles!

7 introductory puzzles and memory games especially for homeschooling families (teens and adults) made for desktop (not mobile).

Welcome homeschoolers and homeschooling parents!

Isn't it wonderful to learn from our parents all about God and his love for us. And isn't it a privilege to teach our kids.


Here are a few short puzzles and games to have fun with and test your skill. We have many more puzzles, games, and books to read and play. See below.

Please note that you require parental permission for this website and most of our books are for teenagers or adults. Enjoy!

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Books, games, music, video, discounts, and more

The Homeschool Pony ~online



Valid for one month

~ Mobile & Desktop ~

The Homeshool Pony

[Online read 1 book]

The Homeschool Pony

- a free read online at OVKOR

- a Christian drama story

- lots more books & games


Kitty Rain 1-3 ~online



Valid for one month

~ Mobile & desktop ~

Kitty Rain 1: The Mystery of the Crying Moon

Kitty Rain 2: The Mystery of the Tall Fog

Kitty Rain 3: The Opal Princess Puzzle

[Online read 3 books]

Lands of Camorlen 1-2 ~online



Valid for one month

~ Mobile & desktop ~

Lands of Camorlen 1: Beginning

Lands of Camorlen 2: Scheme

[Online read 2 books]

Lands of Camorlen 1 Puzzles ~desktop



Valid for one month

~ Desktop only ~

20+ puzzles & memory games

Spoiler alert! read Lands of Camorlen 1 first

More books,

more puzzles and games

Read the books,

then play the games

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"For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved" Romans 10:13

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