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The OVKOR logo was first used with the original name of the company. More about our name change here.

Behind the scenes of logo production

OVKOR film and entertainment company logo

The OVKOR logo was created specifically to be a spacecraft that resembled a shape similar to a plane-like spaceship, a sword, an arrow, and a cross.  The arrow-head at the front is to represent strength and targeting.  The sword is to represent the word of God.  The cross is to remember Jesus.  The spacecraft itself is because life is exciting and adventurous.

COMMAND STUDIOS logo video on youtube

  • YouTube Command Studios social icon

The COMMAND STUDIOS logo was created in 2020 and published on the 6th August 2020 originally under the foundation company name.  In May 2022, the company officially changed its name to OVKOR and the new name was introduced to the logo. It is copyrighted and all rights reserved. More about our name change here.

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