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Repeat Rezone

The whole 8 tracks of the album by Ohroara:

Track 1: Sun or Rain

Track 2: Make Everything Right

Track 3: No Kiss on My Lips

Track 4: Shining at Christmas

Track 5: You Washed My Tears Away

Track 6: Shine Amazine Grace

Track 7: Knight in Shining Armour

Track 8: Saturday Cora Joy


Repeat Rezone contains pop, Christian, alternative, folk, dance, and opera. Enjoy!


#Christianmusic #Christiansongs #Ohroara #Christianalbum

"Repeat Rezone" album by Ohroara (zip file 8 tracks)

  • This is a zipped file of 8 individual MP3 files for the 8 tracks of the songs. Once you download right click to extract it where you want.

  • Ohroara is a Christian singer, producer, and writer. Her songs include Sun or Rain, Make Everything Right, No Kiss on My Lips, and the French version, Mes Lèvres Sans Bisous. Her stories include the Kitty Rain mystery series which is an adventure-packed 25-book series. Born in Australia, Ohroara loves kookaburras, homeschooling, the beach, homemade food, and the Aussie bush. She enjoys mystery books, adventure, and the occasional sci-fi.

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