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"Kitty Rain 7: The Chase and the Coughing Coffin" is the seventh book in the Kitty Rain series by author Ohroara. Young 18-year-old Kitty Rain has a lot on her mind when she has to deal with a coughing coffin and an adventurous chase. She has a mystery to solve as well as learning about God and safety. There's more to come and Kitty has her work cut out for her.


Kitty Rain is a God-believing mystery-seeker. Along with her younger sister Jane, her mother Penny, and the handsome Cade, life is full of surprises. When a new mystery unfurls, Kitty will do what she can to piece together all the clues. What is in store for her?

RRP $11


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Kitty Rain 7: The Chase and the Coughing Coffin [downloadable pdf licensed file]

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