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This is a zipped set of the first ten books in the Kitty Rain mystery series by author Ohroara. This set contains:

Kitty Rain 1: The Mystery of the Crying Moon

Kitty Rain 2: The Mystery of the Tall Fog

Kitty Rain 3: The Opal Princess Puzzle

Kitty Rain 4: The Mysterious Maths Thief

Kitty Rain 5: The Frog Puddle Investigation

Kitty Rain 6: Jane's Birthday Burglar

Kitty Rain 7: The Chase and the Coughing Coffin

Kitty Rain 8: Crisis at the Castle of Belkavia

Kitty Rain 9: Gum Tree Park Thief

Kitty Rain 10: Lost Scavenger Hunt


More puzzles and mysteries for young Christian girl Kitty Rain to solve. With fun and her family she looks to God for help.


Kitty Rain is a God-believing mystery-seeker. Along with her younger sister Jane, her mother Penny, and the handsome Cade, life is full of surprises. When a new mystery unfurls, Kitty will do what she can to piece together all the clues. What is in store for her?

RRP $110 for the set or $11/book individually. Bargain $90 and use a member coupon to get even cheaper. Ten mystery books that you can download and print off one personal copy* (conditions apply).


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Kitty Rain set books 1-10 [downloadable zip of pdf licensed files]

  • Zipped folder downloadable containing PDFs of printable licensed* files.

    (*Copyright, printing, and other restrictions apply.)

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