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The OVKOR Kids Stationery Pack is a fun gift for kids. It features the following:

4 x A4 paper (2 x modern black, 2 x indigo cloud)

4 x A5 paper (2 x modern black, 2 x indigo cloud)

1 x small poster - OVKOR spaceship

50 x assorted stickers (moon stars, truck circles, kookaburra Australia, cute kitten, lavender flower, yellow fruit, indigo cloud OVKOR logo, classic OVKOR spaceship/logo)

1 x deluxe card - Best Wishes OVKOR cat space card

1 x pen - OVKOR classic logo

1 x magnet - OVKOR classic logo

 2 x notepads (small 48 page) = 1 x modern black, 1 x indigo cloud

OVKOR Kids Stationery Pack (with poster and stickers)

  • Pictures of stickers are examples only and you may receive different stickers.

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