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Why do I need to get a screening license?

The copyright law in Australia and many countries overseas, requires that permission be given in writing to allow you to show any movie which is not for personal use at home.  The license you can purchase here will give you permission according to the details of the license to show the movie so that you are complying with Federal Copyright law for Australia.  For other countries please contact OVKOR for further information.

What are other uses than personal at-home use of a movie?

Examples include: showing a film or movie at a school or library or council property such as a park or beach, a fundraising event, a film society event or showing the film to a public group on private land such as a club.

Can I get a screening license from elsewhere?

OVKOR and associated artists own the copyright to the movies and videos promoted through OVKOR.  This is the only avenue for obtaining a screening license for OVKOR creations and that of our associated artists.

How long is the license valid for?

The screening license is valid for 1 year (12 months).  There is no one-off lifetime license available.

Does a copy of the DVD or a digital copy of the movie come with the license?

No, a copy in any format does not come with the license.  Please purchase the copy you require from OVKOR, thank-you.

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