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Why is this music free?

OVKOR is offering free songs because we love Jesus and we believe it is what God wants.


Because these are songs specifically created to teach and encourage with the gospel of Jesus Christ and because the gospel is a free gift (the bible says so) so we and our associated artists at OVKOR want this music available to you for free. 

These songs are also available to buy.  If you want to purchase it to show your support then click on SHOP.

To give a donation to OVKOR, then click on the GIVE link. 


Please become a MEMBER to have more information and updates on music and movies that we are making.  OVKOR club members get discounts and the updates and links to music and movies first!


Thank-you and God bless you!

Are your Christian gospel songs always free?

Some of our creations may be available at certain times for free downloads.

No guarantee is given that any item will be available for free or for download.  Just because a song is "Christian" in theme, or says "Christian" type words (like "Jesus" or "Bible" or "God" or "saviour" etc.) does not mean it will be free.

In general we hope at OVKOR to offer free Christian gospel songs that have the whole song geared to being for and teaching or evangelism or empowerment through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are an entertainment company but we hope that all our products and productions will give glory to our wonderful Lord God.  Some of our our creations are written or end-up being created for the express purpose of spreading the gospel of Jesus.  However some creations may do this only in part.  At some point we may decide to go with a song being available in our free songs or alternatively not in our free songs.  Also we may change from free to not free and vise versa.


There may be songs that mention the gospel which we will not offer as free.  There may be a song which you or others determine to be partially or wholly a Christian gospel song which we do not offer as free.  This is why we do not and will not guarantee any song at all to be free.  No guarantee is given that any item will be available for free or for download.

If you have previously bought a song and then find it for free we will not be giving a refund.  There are no refunds for songs or music purchases.

Any song we offer for free will also generally be available for purchase. This is because we and our associated artists have worked long and hard to bring beautiful music to you.  If you would like to buy it to show your support then please do.  If your financial situation does not allow it, then please download it for free from our website if it is available for free on our website at that time.  You may also give a donation to OVKOR. 

Your support is greatly appreciated.

See our user agreement for more information.

Can I use your free music?

All of our music and video and other products created and produced by OVKOR and our associated artists are under copyright law and are copyrighted to either OVKOR or our associated artists and authors.  All rights are reserved.  This means that no license has been issued to allow you to use the product in certain ways.  For example you do not have permission to use a track on your website or channel or in your movie production or in your commercial venture.  You can however link to our website.  So the short answer is no.  Free music download does not mean free to use.  We do hope, though, that in listening to our songs you are blessed.  Please share our links to your family, friends and colleagues of our products in SHOP and FREE SONGS and remember to become an OVKOR MEMBER to get the latest in music and movies. 


To obtain licensing of our presented songs for example for an advertisement for your business or to put on your website please contact OVKOR.  Thank-you and God bless you!

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