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Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Queensland, Australia

OVKOR is currently looking for actors, actresses, cast and crew for upcoming productions.  If you are interested in any job offers now or later on please download the cast and crew document, fill it in, scan it and send it to OVKOR with a subject heading "Cast/Crew Profile Form" to

OVKOR, a Christian film & entertainment company, is currently seeking cast & crew profiles for anyone interested in upcoming productions.


Jobs can include positions for actors, actresses, camera crew, lighting assistants, props, & also set construction.  Filming takes place usually between between Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast. We have various music videos underway scheduled to be released this year. Our big film series (currently in the pre-production stage) is a sci-fi drama series which is not planned to begin filming until 2026.  We are however starting to match people with some of the roles. So if you are interested in this for the future, then fill in the cast crew data form. Other projects are also planned.

Experience is beneficial.  Do you have experience doing bit parts?  Have you done stunt work?  Are you an experienced welder and interested in creating a spacecraft for our upcoming sci-fi series?  Can you juggle or speak with an accent?  Have you dreamed of being in a Christian movie?  We have positions planned for humans, aliens, warriors and more.  All interested persons please download the cast and crew profile form and return to OVKOR with your information.

This is not an offer of a job, but a form to show us your interest in future work and we can then add you to our cast and crew database.  On the form you can tell us briefly about your skills and role preferences for cast and crew.

Attention actors, actresses, cast and crew, to update your details simply fill in a new form and return to OVKOR with your current details.  Thank-you!

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