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Screening Licenses

Perfect for churches, community organizations, and companies for the screening license of one of our productions.

The following minimum information will be required if the license is available.

Organisation Name *

Licence Owner *

Contact Phone *

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Organisation Address *

Venue Name *

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Song-use License Application

Perfect for film companies for a song-use licensing agreement to include one of our songs or one of our associated artists' songs in a film (whether for profit or not-for-profit).  Spice up your movie with music presented and published by OVKOR entertainment and music! 

Price is dependent upon the estimated budget of the proposed film, the genre of film, the song or music you wish to include in your commercial movie blockbuster, and other details.

The following minimum information will be required if a license is available.

Company Name:
Licence Owner:

Contact Phone:

Contact Email:

Company Address:

Commercial film estimated budget:

Will the proposed film contain swearing/nudity/violence?:  yes/no (if yes give details)

Describe the main plot of the film:

You must declare that the details given are true.

Movie & Music Licenses

To use a portion of movie or music or other from our exclusive works on offer, contact the producer via IMDb pro.

For frequently asked questions please refer to our

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